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This whole voting business has been weighing on me for a very long time. Before I proceed in earnest, you are invited to partake in the following points as "appetizers":

  • In most countries you will find corruption in national elections that's carried out through tampering, manipulation, etc. The United States is no exception.
  • The US ruling elites did flavor Jed Bush or Hillary Clinton to be nominated and to win the 2016 presidential election; certainly not Donald Trump! Legenday MIT professor, Noam Chomsky concurs: "The masters do not much like Trump."
  • Owing to his uncanny skill for destroying the sparkling merits of numerous rivaling presidential candidates with character-assassinating nicknames that stuck forever like krazy glue, former President Trump, the wild card in the deck, won the 2016 U.S. presidency.
  • Even if double-voting, casting illegitimate ballots, vote-buying, and impersonating a voter all occurred across the U.S., these various forms of voter fraud would not have had a major impact on the 2020 election's outcome. Voanews reports: "Voting right advocates say there is little evidence of rampant voter fraud."
  • All the rage of mail-in ballots and their multiple levels of safe guards being televised aggressively in the news to soothe serious concerns of Americans yet failed to guarantee that the presidential election will be ultimately fraud-free. Why? Mail-in ballots constitute just one step of the voting process.
  • The event of angry voters storming of the U.S. Capitol indicates like a thermometer shooting upwardly red that a larger portion of the American public is at last realizing that fraud must have played a significant role in compromising the 2020 presidential election.
  • By the end of this article you will grasp who is the culprit quietly manipulating election voting systems.
For the remainder of this article I will establish two premises, one, that election voting systems can be hacked, and two, who is the culprit. I will present logical cornerstones, or facts, and each new fact will add yet another layer and contribute towards the greater likelihood that voting fraud indeed occurred.

Most Urgent Question: Are Election Voting Systems Hackable?

Although notable individuals such as Hillary Clinton and former president Obama have strongly insisted that election voting systems cannot be hacked, do not believe them; we want and should demand nothing but hard facts.

Anyone would reasonably assume that today's election voting systems, especially the ones used widely for presidential elections, must have the greatest built-in safeguards to prevent against the smallest possibility of hacking attempts. Unfortunately this isn't true. Before I continue with this subject, brief history is in order:

Electronic voting systems first appeared in the 1960s. Their broader usage began in the U.S. with 7 counties switching to newly invented technology known as punched card systems for the 1964 presidential election (Wikipedia).

Now, returning to the million-dollar hackable question, I will fast-forward. Five independent sources, saying more or less the same thing, will answer the hackable question; I keep the best for last.

Independent Source #1

According to the article, The Genesis of America's Corrupted Computerized Election Systems, the author, Jennifer Cohn informs us that the University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer Science has discovered "numerous exploitable vulnerabilities in nearly every component of the ES&S (Election Systems and Software) voting systems," including both optical scan and DRE, or touchscreen (

Independent Source #2

Even the U.S. Election Assistance Commission found flaws with ES&S optical scanners (

Independent Source #3

In respect to ES&S voting system, Avi Rubin, professor of computer science at John Hopkins University reports: "This voting system is far below even the most minimal security standards applicable in other contexts."

Independent Source #4

After performing another analysis of the Diebold voting machines, SAIC (Science Applications International Corp.) concludes: "The system as implemented in ploicy, procedure, and technology, is at high risk of compromise (Wikipedia).

Side note

I reiterate emphatically the meaningful "high risk of compromise" phrase which means that almost anyone with basic computer skills can hack an election voting machine.

Independent Source #5

In the article, The Vulnerabilities of Our Voting Machines, the author, Jen Schwartz tells us how computer scientist J. Alex Halderman rolled an electronic voting machine on a Massachusetts Institute of Technology stage and demonstrated how simple it is to hack an election (

How Widespread are ES&S Voting Systems?

In 2009, Wired reported: "ES&S systems were present in 43 states and utilized in counting approximately 50% of the votes in the last four major U.S. elections. Following the significant and consequential event of Diebold Inc selling its election division to ES&S in 2009 (, in 2010 the Department of Justice filed an anti-trust suit against ES&S and ordered it to divest, saying that the combined corporation, ES&S and Diebold, "provided more than 70% of U.S. voting equipment" ( In addition, Cyber Coop disclosed: "As of 2019 ES&S claimed a U.S. market share of more than 60 percent in customer voting system installations."

The dominance of these election voting machines on U.S. soil might help you figure out how President Joe Biden could have won the presidency.

Joe Biden Won Miraculously More Votes Than Obama!

If you are still somewhat hesitant to embrace the remotest chance of voting fraud, and still entertain the plausible notion that President Joe Biden had amassed more votes than even Obama through sheer pure luck, or because Trump's countless legions of haters decided to thwart his presidential aspirations for a second term by swarming behind and supporting Joe Biden, then you must read this enlightening example of voting manipulation to dispel either "myth" from your mind:

Republican Chuck Hagel became chairman of AIS, American Information Systems, (renamed to ES&S) in 1992 ( But after abandoning the AIS board in 1996, he declared his candidacy for U.S. Senate, according to Hagel's Senate staff ( Wired reported that he launched the bid for the Nebraska Senate soon after resigning from AIS. What happened next was amazing. In short, the unthinkable took place when he completely "surprised national pundits and defied early polls by winning the Senate race a little less than eight months after announcing his candidacy" ( Business Week called Hagel's unexpected victory a "landslide upset" ( Moreover, Hagel became the first Republican to win a Nebraska Senate race since 1972 (Wired).

Reader, please put on your critical thinking hat and ponder on these two facts for a moment:

Fact #1

Hagel was the chairman of AIS before resigning the board in 1996.

Fact #2

After announcing his candidacy, Hagel won the Nebraska Senate race, only in eight months.

Was there a logical connection between Hagel's former position as chairman of AIS board and his stunning triumph in the Nebraska Senate race? Personally, I have never believed in coincidences; so I scream yes! But, to be fair, in case you are yet cherishing one or two atoms of doubt, we'll transform into temporary detectives and examine the Senate race's details with a magnifier:

Hagel's rival, Senator Ben Nelson, who got hammered, began the Senate race with a whopping 65% to a normal 18% lead in the polls, and still, first time Hagel, despite his early disadvantageous percentage, managed to do the impossible when he won with an unforeseen 56 percent of the vote and defied all odds and made history by becoming Nebraska's first Republican Senator since 1972! This victory did not stop there; it continued, claiming nearly every demographic group in Nebraska such as sizable African-American communities which had never before voted Republican! ( How do you explain this far-reaching triumph for a first time run for the Nebraska Senate race? Motherjones reported: "Nebraska election officials told the Hill that machines made by AIS [Hagel's company], probably tallied 85 percent votes cast in the 1996 vote."

Now I will shine light on what I call "fascinating roadblocks" to fair U.S. elections.

Fascinating Roadblock #1

Election Defense Alliance says: "Most states prohibit election officials from checking on optical scan tallied by examining the paper ballots."

Fascinating Roadblock #2

Slate shares: "Only 26 states require any sort of regular post-election audit at all."

Fascinating Roadblock #3

The courts are futile, for Cohn writes: "The Wisconsin Court refused to order that the recount proceed by hand in 2016 (

Cnet reports: "Online voting company pushes to make it harder for researchers to find security flaws. Voatz, an e-voting company, tells the Supreme Court that security research should be done only with permission." This might become yet another roadblock in the future.

If you have a pulse, you must be smelling the concentrated stench of both conspiracy and corruption polluting the air. The above three glaring "roadblocks" to fair U.S. elections did not just happen because of pure random chance and in isolation, but are all unmistakably connected and probably surgically coordinated for producing one common goal: to ensure that election voting systems continue to deliver coveted results, in spite of what people vote for!

At least by now you must have some idea how Joe Biden broke "Obama's record for most votes ever cast for a U.S. presidential candidate" ( I will venture to assert President Joe Biden must have gotten a huge boost in "fake votes" through a form of computerized manipulation. Look, he was going to win that election no matter what, even if he received only ten genuine votes! Yes, politics is dirty.

Similarly how any computer expert hacks a targeted computer, Julie Ryan explains, "by exploiting vulnerabilities," another equally skilled technician can just as easily exploit the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines and manipulate total number of votes cast for each presidential candidate (

Two Major Weaknesses of Election Voting Systems

Their weaknesses, which ought to be conspicuous, are:

1) Almost any computer user can exploit a election voting system. Now, imagine what a "computer wizard" can do! Such a person would have the ability to manipulate these systems in countless ways, whether by inflating, or whether by subtracting honestly acquired votes for either presidential candidate. It's a politician's "magic wand" to any high ranking governmental post.

2) Election voting machines leave no physical evidence behind. Just think for a minute, without one shred of real physical evidence, there is no possible manner to prove or disprove that fraud was ever committed. Thus, why many news casters sing the same jarring tune: "There's no physical evidence to suggest foul play occurred in the presidential election." 

Since I have established firmly the premise that voting fraud must have taken place, now we'll move on to the next premise.  

Who's Tampering with Election Voting Systems?

Of course, Donald Trump would love to know who robbed him of his presidency. It must be quite frustrating to know in your gut that someone stole your presidency but can't prove it conclusively.

Are you ready to discover the mysterious "bad guys" working behind the scene and scamming Americans out of a fair 2020 election? We'll become detectives again and analyze three important factors: motive, opportunity, and technology.


It's no secret that the FBI turned against Donald Trump after he fired former FBI director, James Comey on May 9, 2017 (Wikipedia) and former FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe on March 16, 2018 before his formal retirement, which may adversely affect his pension ( Claire Anderson writes vividly: "Donald Trump's former FBI director has condemned the actions of the outgoing US president as he blasted Americans for electing him ( Imagine how incensed the agency became after losing their top ranking bosses in such a short time span.


FBI agents had plenty of time for planning before the election to execute a number of secretive attacks, and hacking voting systems.


In the article, FBI Acknowledges Using Top Secret Hacking Weapons, the author, Robert Hackett writes: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently made an unprecedented admission: it uses undisclosed software vulnerabilities when hacking suspects' computers."

Are you starting to connect the dots? The FBI had motive, opportunity, and definitely the technology to surgically hack any election voting system, very easily.

However, if you are yet surrounded by a dense fog of doubt, I will tell you a few details about myself to perhaps convince you further:

On account of having become a seriously prime target and getting exposed endlessly to a wide range of secretive and vicious attacks, I am in the unique position to bring the rarest and weirdest insights to my article. By what I have personally witnessed, the almost unfathomable head-spinning level of technology in remotely and repeatedly hacking my HP laptop at home, controlling it so completely, whether or not it was connected to the Internet, rendering it totally useless, for I can no longer begin the most basic tasks such as editing and creating new files, and corrupting constantly King of the Bullies' electronic manuscript with inexplicable grammatical "errors," missing punctuation, entire paragraphs disappearing magically; all of that astonishing stealthiness together with the former FBI director's roars of hatred of Donald Trump that one could nearly feel the raw rage escaping from his pores, I have arrived where I am convinced that the FBI was involved in that fraudulent 2020 election.

But do not take my word as absolute. Read King of the Bullies to determine for yourself if the FBI is truly capable of hacking, corrupting, manipulating election voting systems, and then handing the coveted presidency to Joe Biden on a mirror-like shining silver platter.


If you still have the faintest speck of doubt in your mind concerning the validity of some or all facts stated here, I encourage you to confirm them by checking the parenthesized sources. But, bear in mind that these sources may suffer the bizarre fate of vanishing mysteriously. Why? Of course, to weaken and discredit my article, since I have revealed unfriendly information that relates to the U.S. Government.

Make A Difference

Are you unhappy about how easily it is to hack and manipulate voting systems in the US?  If you agree that this most critical security issue will not be addressed and fully corrected unless the truth is revealed to enough people, then share this article with everyone you know.


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